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The Baby in Yellow is a horror game where you come to a house to work as a nanny, but soon find out that the child you are about to take care of is of a rather strange variety… Maybe he isn’t a child at all, you don’t know already. But you know that you can get hurt if you don’t do your job well and keep the baby calm!

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Dealing with a little monster, literally

The game runs from the first person view. You won’t see your heroine, only what she is supposed to see as she walks around the house and performs various manipulations. The checklist at the upper left corner of the screen will clue you in on what to do. Each of the tasks will be broken into steps to facilitate your job. For instance, if you need to feed the baby, the game will take you that you need to get the milk and where you can find it. Then you will be prompted to put the kid into the chair and give him the bottle. After that, the task will be marked as complete. The list is updated once in a while, so you shouldn’t forget to check it out.

Do you want to be a good or a bad nanny? If you attend to the child as you should, you may never encounter his demonic side. However, if you neglect his needs or, even worse, drop and hit him, accidentally or on purpose, he may go ballistic and you won’t be happy. The entire house will turn nightmarish, with threatening words flaming everywhere and creepy monstrous tentacles groping the walls. Everything will start gleaming red, as well as the eyes of the kid who will hang in the air making creepy noises. This is not something a nanny would ordinarily see on her job! But you have to spend here five days before the parents come back. You wonder whether they even know what’s going on. The game doesn’t have answers for you, only one – where to find the thing that will protect you.

Exorcise the baby and wait for the parents!

During the gameplay, you will often find the baby in his parents’ bedroom sitting and crying there. And it appears to be not randomly. That’s where you will also discover an ancient talisman that can curb the kid’s demonic powers. To do that, you just need to hold it up to the baby and wait for it to work. If it does, the child will descend back to the floor and take his usual look. All the creepy transformations aka glaring eyes and head spinning 360 degrees will be gone and he will turn into a cute little angel again. In a little while, his parents will return home and you will safely leave this mysterious house with a hefty sum in your pocket.

However, if you don’t manage to exorcise the baby in time, you will be sucked into a hellish portal and it will be game over! Not the very best way to end your career as a nanny. So try not to make the child angry and to complete the tasks that pop up on the screen in time. Then the chance that the kid’s inner demon will take up and turn everything into chaos will diminish considerably. And you’ll have enough time to find that talisman you need so much. Play The Baby in Yellow online, hold up for five days and try not to die in the process!

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